Genesis| Gametour

  • Genesis is a real-life computer game. It takes place over seven days nonstop (27.4. 0:00 until 3.5. 23:59). The audience members are the players, who control the human avatars. Together with them they interact, communicate and build a world.
    To participate in Genesis you can log in online from anywhere. Anybody can take part. You only need to book a free ticket in advance.
    To participate online you need a laptop with microphone, speakers and internet access. The browsers Chrome and Firefox are supported. Users should first register in the test area to check if your system is compatible with Genesis.

  • The communication with the game avatars works through spoken language. You will communicate with a microphone and headphones. It is similar to a skype call - but you see through the eyes of the avatar directly (and you are not filmed).
    The avatar has several status bars indicating basic information like thirst, fatigue or hunger. The avatar also can respond through text messages to you, which will pop up in your play screen.

  • The setting starts in a completely empty and dark hall. All items, tools, equipment and building materials need to be selected and chosen by the player. From an inventory each player can chose five items that will be available for your avatar. The items stay in the hall after your play time is over. So over time the setting and constructions will continuously grow. You can preview the inventory and already search for the items you want to use here.
    The items can be selected from a menu at the bottom of the play screen. You can chose if you want to add a violin, hammer, lighter or disco ball. With more than 2000 objects your imagination is the limit.