Genesis| Support & Contact

Support Mail / Line

In case of technical problems please write to or call directly +49 163 3396190

Test area

Test if your computer / browser is compatible with Genesis in the test area. There you can test if the video transmission and your audio connection works.


  • You can book a ticket here on this webpage for free. With your online-ticket you can play from anywhere around the world. If you don’t have a ticket you can check if there’s a free slot at the moment.
  • Nothing, Genesis is for free.
  • To log in from home you need a laptop (not too old, with a microphone, speakers/headphones), Chrome or Firefox Browser and an internet connection (some public networks do not work). The best is to try it before in the test area.
  • 24/7 (27.4.2020, 0:00 - 03.05.2020, 23:59)
  • No, it only works with a laptop.
  • A moderate speed is sufficient. Anything that would let you stream a video online is enough. Private networks are prefered, as some public networks have limitations which might mean that Genesis does not work there. Try it before in the test area.
  • As Genesis runs internationally, you mainly talk to your avatar in English. Very basic English is sufficient to participate! Simple words and sentences can be enough. Most avatars also understand German, and the support is available in English and German too.
  • Any of the Items, you find in the inventory.
  • You can choose 5 items, each time you play. Just go to the inventory and click on the boxes to choose them. They will appear in a motorized service hatch.
  • First of all, no. But this freedom includes the psychological and physical integrity of your and all other human Avatars. Please take care that they stay in good conditions.
  • What do you imagine?
  • You can book multiple tickets - if you are using them. And you can log in whenever there is a free slot.